Saturday, June 12, 2010


WOW!!! I can not believe it has been almost a whole month since I have written an entry in my blog. Like I really need to do better, lol! I have been so busy. I plan to write all about it and catch up though :) I mean it all happened at once my son's last day of school was his birthday. His party was that weekend. The summer reading program began. My cousin's boyfriend was killed! I had to go give emotional support and come back waaayyyy too early. I know she still needs me, but I have a ton of things to do. I don't understand I thought you were suppose to chill in the summer. Instead I am busier than I was when my son was in school, maybe it's because I have him all day. I said that boy was a busy body, lol!
Well, I will just start w/ my day today. Today has been a crazy one! It has been extremely hot in South GA for some reason! Well, it stormed so that may have been it. My son and I went for a little daily outing. We went to our Friendly Express to order a pizza and while I was there I was able to use a coupon :) You know using a coupon is always a plus!! Well, I usually get my 2 - 12 pk of sodas from Flash Foods, but they were $7.99 and Friendly Express had them for $5.99. My coupon was buy a 12 pk of Coke and a 12 pk of Sprite or Sprite Zero and get $1.50 off. Hey that was a good deal 2 - 12pks for $4.49 now dats what's up! Good thing about it is I have 2 more of those coupons :) I'm loving my coupon train! Well, after we gathered our pizza and sodas (mine, he drank juice) we went to get the mail. The storm started after we made it home :( the lights went out so we played quiet games after eating. Now he's fast asleep :) and I'm playing on the net as usual!


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