Friday, June 25, 2010

My Bucket List

I just completed the Bucket list swap on Swap-Bot and thought I would share my list with you all! Just so you know Kelin (Ke) is my son. I have been working on my Bucket list for about a year now. Of course I could not share all of the items on my list some of them are kind of personal. The items listed are not in any order, I just grab my notebook and write the idea as they come to me. Sometimes I have them wrote on a post it and add them later. I was thrilled to see a swap like this otherwise, I would have never admitted I had a list, lol!

Here is my list:
  1. Visit as many states as possible.
  2. COMPLETE, not just start a scrapbook (not album).
  3. Purchase my own house.
  4. Plant a garden (I was a teenager the last time I planted a garden).
  5. Get a degree!
  6. Have a bake sale.
  7. Go to a garage sale.
  8. Take Kelin apple picking.
  9. Take Ke to Sesame Street Workshop.
  10. Take Ke fishing.
  11. Take Ke to a Major League Baseball Game.
  12. Take Ke to the Okefenokee Swamp.  
  13. Go to the Hershey Factory in Hershey, PA.
  14. Take Ke to the Crayola Factory.
  15. Take Ke to the Jelly Belly Factory.
  16. Go on a road trip :)
  17. Take Kelin to Carowinds (Theme park). I use to go there every summer w/ my aunt and her family as a teenager, it was so fun! My cousin and I always got to go back the 2nd day by ourselves, it was great!! They add new stuff every year. I bet that place is huge now, it's been 11 years since I been.
  18. Get CPR and First Aid Certified.
  19. Take Ke to Disney World.
  20. Visit the Chocolate Show in New York in November.
  21. Go to Sea World.
  22. Go to the Candy store in Savannah, GA. (The one Paula's always shopping at, lol!)
  23. Eat at the Lady and Sons in Savannah, GA (Paula Deen's Restaurant, make a reservation I hear the wait is forever)
  24. Start trying new recipes so I can continue typing and complete my family cookbook (heirloom).
  25. Create a great coupon binder!!
  26. Learn to SAVE BIG using coupons like the people I read about :)
  27. Continue to lose weight 30 lb goal for this year! I CAN DO IT!!!
  28. Have a interesting blog with lots of followers that leaves tons of comments and great input :)
  29. Write a Living Will & Testament.
  30. Learn to knit correctly, lol. My projects are very loose and can be pulled apart....smh!!
  31. Live long and die happy :D

 Thanks for reading my bucket list, I hope you enjoyed it :)



  1. Great list. I've done several of those things, including taking our kids to the Crayola Factory when they were little. It was very fun. My cousin made a family cookbook for our family. Everyone contributed recipes, and it is a treasure. Go for it!

  2. Thanks Tracy! I saw the Crayola Factory on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I have wanted to take my son there every since. He is old enough now I'm thinking next summer :) I plan to have my family contribute to my cookbook as well. I said I would make a small version of family recipes for the relatives that help. I plan to include pictures and interviews. The bulk will be recipes my household approve and memories of us since it's something I will be passing down.

  3. Great list :)

    Your son will have a great time at the Crayola Factory ... there is lots to do without being overwhelmingly large.

  4. I love your idea of making a family cookbook. Wish I could do something similar but probably will end-up with some guide about how to not burn down the kitchen or 100 quick tips to entertain yourself while cooking.

  5. @Wendyvee it looked soooo fun, lol! I like that there is activities and samples for the kids. No just something to look at.

    @Dayda LOL! I love to cook! I will be blogging all about it when I begin :) I'm still in the organizing stage now.

  6. What a great list, so many fantastic ideas! I'm sad I missed this swap, it sounds like a great idea!

    swapbot: zilliah

  7. This is such a great list...what I love even more is that it seems that it is mostly comprised of things that can actually be accomplished-I love that!

    ♥ Courtney from Swap-Bot

    1. Thanks Courtney! I made the list of things that I wanted to do that I actually hoped to accomplish. My updated list can be found at ( or in this post ( I'm not sure if I will ever be able to complete it because I keep adding to it lol!