Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coupons &

I need to sort through my coupons. I have a new way of organizing the coupons I am trading and need to get it completed, I keep starting and stopping. I am hosting like 8 coupon swaps on Swap-bot. So I am sorting them by swap category as well, only for the coupon specific ones. The first two I hosted went well, their on their second round. They have more people this time which is a major plus. I have also added a few specific coupon swaps so I can better my coupon binder! Some examples are BXGX OR JUST FREE COUPON SWAP, $1.00 OFF COUPON SWAP, $1.50 OFF COUPON SWAP, $2.00 OR HIGHER COUPON SWAP AND $4.00 OR HIGHER COUPON SWAP
I am hoping that these specific coupon swaps will help me build a better binder by helping me find coupons of higher value. After all that is the real reason we are clipping coupons right?? So far I have members signed up for all of the swaps except for the $4.00 or higher. But there is still time the deadline is not here yet. All participants are asked to create a coupon wishlist section for their profile to help their partner find more of the coupons they can use. I plan to continue with these swaps and do them as a monthly swap on swap-bot, so if your a member look them or me up. I'm QUEENQUISA on Swap-bot!


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