Saturday, March 26, 2016

Salute To The Zumba Nation

Going through my drafts I found this post I created in 2013

This may sound crazy then again some of you may be able to relate. Last week, I went to the gym after dropping my son at AWANA. I decided I would try Zumba Gold for the first time. I tried to do the regular Zumba class before, but had trouble with my feet and knees. I was told to try Zumba Gold because it was for people with injuries and/or older people so it would be better for me. I only did 30 minutes of the Zumba class because I wanted to get some strength training in before picking my son up. I loved the class! It was so fun. It didn't matter that I got some of the moves wrong because others did as well. We all laughed about it and just kept moving. I mean that's the whole point to keep the heart rate up isn't it? After 30 minutes of class, I headed out and did 30 minutes of strength training. I thought everything was ok. I got my son off to bed. Then, I felt as if I couldn't stay up long enough to log my exercises in to MFP. I applaud you all for being able to do Zumba and stay awake and function afterwards lol! You, You Guys Rock!!! I'll be there soon because I will defininately be taking another Zumba Gold class :)

Regroup & Regain (Control)

Hello Readers,

I know it has been years since my last blog post. Thanks for sticking around. I'm never really consistant with my many hobbies. I've been blessed with many talents and plan to put a few of them to work. Guess you could say it's my new goal: to gain consistency (or maybe it's control).

I have been going through many changes lately and come to a positive realization. I'm always there for others. If it is possible I will try my damnedest to help. However, I feel unappreciated a little too much for all the things I do for others. I'm not the type of person to throw up what I do for others. Lately, I have been thinking it tho.  I began to see a lot of things that were really going on (or for what it really was). My sister would say, "Little sister your just grown up and maturing." You know what? She would be correct. I feel it.

I feel I am at a point in my life where I should focus more on myself and my son. I feel I should start building a foundation for our future. I know that's something that should have been established long ago. We all know life gets in the way. But, it's how we handle and manage the obstacles that determines our future. I have been drab and played around for far too long. I am no where near where I wanted to be at this point in my life as a teenager. Yes, I know we all have extravagant hopes and dreams for our future as a youngster. However, I know that my goals can still be reached. I sat down and thought long and hard. I now know exactly what my 5 year goals are. They are typed, printed, and posted as a daily reminder.

Being that I know what my goals are, I figured I might as well get to working on them. I don't really consider myself to have a best friend. Therefore, when I need to vent I'll be posting here. Of course, I want be airing any dirty laundry. Lol, I know my business is my business. First, item on the agenda: Get my house in order!

To begin this process I created a huge to do list and gave myself a deadline. Of course, what doesn't get completed will roll over to the next to do list. The time frame I have set starts today Saturday, March 26, 2016 and tentatively ends Saturday, April 30, 2016. That is exactly 5 weeks away. My list currently consist of 53 items. Anything else that comes to mind will be added to my next to do list.

Well, I will give you guys an update later tonight or tomorrow. As, always Thanks for reading and your time is very much appreciated.