Friday, May 14, 2010

My Awesome Mother's Day!!!

Well, last Sunday was Mother's Day :) I woke up full of excitement. son started Head Start in August. I'm still so proud of him! Anywho, I picked him up on Thursday (there was no school on Friday) and was handed an arm load of stuff & told Happy Mother's Day by the teacher's and remaining kids in the class. I am always one of the first parents. I hate fighting to get out of the parking lot...ugh(smh...crazy look)! Mrs. James, My son's lead teacher, instructed me not to open or peek at my gifts until Sunday! I really had no intentions of waiting. In fact, I thought I would really open them as soon as I got home. LOL....I know where's the fun in that. Idk...I never get any presents for holidays anyway. I never really get more than a card from family members, getting a gift was exciting for me!!
I was babysitting my little cousin that day, so her and my son wanted to go outside and play. That took my mind off of the gifts. I took my son, Ke-lo (nickname given by my little cousin Mahogany a.k.a. Hoggy) I took him inside to change into some play clothes. While inside I manage to hide the gifts although he was asking for them repeatedly. He wanted to show them to me I told him we had to wait until Sunday because that was Mother's Day. So I had to hide them up high with him asking for his toys he made for Mother's! I did not realize he watched me put the gifts up. Saturday I walked by and wanted oh so badly to open the nicely wrapped box with the pretty little ribbon tied around it. But I didn't, I said to myself "Why do it now? You only have one more day to go." Then Sunday morning came.....Mother's Day and the LONG wait was over!!!!
After eating breakfast and a quick clean up, my son walked to the closet, pointed to the top shelf and said open that. I laughed. That's when I realized that he watched me hide the! Good thing he had no way of getting up that high, there is no doubt in my mind he would have tried to get them down! I pulled everything down and read the card first. I think my little man was more excited about showing me the items he made for me than I was to see them :)

I love this card. Ok yes, I opened and looked at this when I picked him up on Thursday. I wondered why he only wrote his first name (Kelin) when he can write his first and last. He told me those other markings and letters says Happy Mother's! Thanks Boo......Great job for a 3 yr old!!!
(I know wrong date on my!)
Then after I  read my card and admired my MOM wall or door hanging first picture! I tore into my box....WOW! Is what I was thinking. My son was so into telling me how they made each item. They always let them decorate the boxes. They colored the construction paper and glued paper cutouts on the boxes they used for Valentine's day. Some of you are probably thinking this woman needs to get a life but I am a first time mom. So I get very excited about all of the little things. My mother still has items I made for her when I was in elementary school. I just know I am gonna have items from my son I'm scrapbooking already and he's not even in grade school! Besides, I don't really care what you think this is MY BLOG....BAHAHAHAHAH!!!! So you can stop reading if you wanna I'm about to keep rambling on..... A hand print....priceless!  Everything came with a sweet note. This is the items that was inside the box. A good bit in my opinion. My sister said it was a lot. My nephew is in the second grade and they did not even make cards for their moms. I thought my nephew might have just lost it so I called a friend that has a son in his class, she was in just as much disbelief as my sister. They didn't make anything!!
A whatnot, Dishtowel, and hand lotion.  The teapot and teacup were wonderfully colored! A paper teapot with a teabag & note :) and paper tea cup with a teabag.

Oh I love my son! He made this Mother's Day the most special one so far!!! I know there will be many many more. Moments like this let's me know that those 29 hours were oh so worth it......ALL :)'S!!!!



  1. That is such a cute idea! I'll have to show it to my teacher friends!

    Agentaemme (follow #2)

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed it :) I'm going to school for Early Childhood Care and Education now. I found the instructions for the plates in one of my books. I lol in class and had to share with the class that I received that as one of the Mother's Day gifts when my son was in Head Start. I'm always so proud of his gifts :)

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