Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reading List

Okay so I'm still up! It's crazy I don't write an entry for almost a month and now 3 in one night, WOOO WHOO I'M ON A ROLL!!!! Anywho, I was checking my email and I received an email from my good friend Michelle, it was an invite to a site I had been repeatedly hearing about. So of course I signed up on yet another site because I had been hearing about it. I can always delete it if I don't like it. Well, it has a section for a reading list!! My goal was to start back reading this summer. My son is in the Summer Reading Program at the Library and I joined the Adult and Teen group as well. I remember a time when I could always be caught with a book in my hand, I'm not quite sure what happened. But I plan to start back reading again.

Sex In The Sanctuary by Lutishia Lovely was a book I read March 2010 and it was FANTASTIC!!! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this book to anyone that is looking for a good down to earth drama! This book talks about things that actually happens in real life and does not sugar coat it, lol! I can't make quotes because the best parts are the parts I don't want to give away. But there is a crazy lady in the book, relationship and marriage problems, gossip and nosey old ladies, lmbo! I will be reading the others in the collection for sure.

The next book I read was a great one too. It was kind of shocking. It was recommended by so many people. So I gave it a chance even though I was iffy about it:

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd  I also read this book in March 2010. I LOVED IT!! This is another book I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!! I tried to watch the movie before and could not get into it. But reading the book I understand exactly why everyone was casted for their parts, they fit them perfectly. This book was so heartwarming and Divine. I would really love to see the movie now.

The next book would have to be a do over for me:

All She Ever Wanted by Lynn Austin was the last book I read. I read this book in April 2010. The reason for the do over is that I did not get to finish this book :( I liked it but because it was confusing at times, I would say it depends on the other persons taste and reading style rather or not they would like it. I would recommend it to a friend but not to a stranger they would think I was crazy! There were times when I had to flip back to see who a person was. At the beginning I did not understand why the chapters were the way they were but as the book went on it was easier to follow. I would definitely like to read it over and finish it this time.

Hometown Favorite: A Novel by Bill Barton & Henry O. Arnold is the book that I will begin reading tomorrow!! I purchased this book at the Dollar Tree for $1.00, lucky me because this book is advertised between $13.99 and $11.99. I'm not sure how good it is but it has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and the description sounds really interesting. It is foreword by Chris Sanders former wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. Sounds interesting, guest I will see what it is all about tomorrow. Until next time.



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    I'm "ellipse" in swap-bot, I joined today your swap about blogs I think it is very interesting and helps to people get to know our blogs. I just came to see yours and I'm liking it pretty much.

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  2. Thank you so much for the great book recommendations. I am excited to add them to my shelf on too.
    Check me out on there and we can become friends. Also, check out my blog, I have a whole list of the book that I have read.

    aprilk- swap-bot "Blog Me, Baby"