Friday, June 25, 2010


On June 14, 2010 the day started out great! I sorted and organized my coupons using my new system and even cut recipes out of a few magazines. I separated all of my coupons into the categories for my swaps I recently blogged about in my post Coupons & I even trimmed up all of the ones I received from my other swaps and trains. So when I send out my coupons they will be all nice and neat :)

I read the first 4 chapters in my book. So far so good! It still has my attention so that's a very good thing. I think I'm going to like it. I just have to find more time to read!! I let my son play outside in the yard while I read most of it. It was awesome, but the rain has been keeping us inside lately.

After getting my son off to sleep. I felt great and wanted to blog about my day and tell how productive I was! I tried to log on to the net, but a message popped up! I thought I had a virus because it said: "POTENTIALLY UNWANTED ACTIVITIES" I clicked the the button to remove it but it just kept popping back up and would not stop. Since I could not get it off I called my great hardware protection team to do a virus check. I stayed on hold for what seemed to be an eternity, but really ended up being 49 minutes before I actually spoke with a service rep.

I did make the most of my time! While I was waiting I pulled out my envie labeled coupons to be sorted. These are coupons  I keep from swaps, trains, newspapers, etc. I trimmed them up nice and neatly and sorted them by date. I have been planning to make a list of all coupons I have including the expiration dates, but I did not make it that far. Guess I will save it for another day. I can say it was time well spent waiting because I got to watch Law & Order: SVU as I waited also. I love that show.

When the rep FINALLY answered my call and after we tried all kind of tricks to get a connection. We discovered that my anti virus system deleted my nic card info. while doing a virus sweep. He said there must have been a virus connected to the information so the scan deleted it during a clean up. Bad thing about the situation was, I had my nic card replaced and the guy did not give me a disk containing the info. So I was out of luck :( But the problem is resolved now so all is well :) I'm free to blog and finally get caught up. At least I was writing my ideas down.


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