Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally Started My Coupon Train Group :)

I have been thinking about starting a coupon train for over a yr. Well, I finally did it! Wednesday night I was searching the net trying to find a few trains to join. I am in one & I get lots of coupons, but I could always use more! Some sites said you had to join & complete so many swaps before boarding the train. Can you believe one site said you had to complete 100, like O~M~G! Well, I am already on a couple of swap sites and I swap in my Yahoo groups too. I figured I could find a group on Yahoo instead & just join a train. There were so many that were inactive, but they had hundreds of members. I just figured I would create my own :) So now MY LEDGEND OF THE COUPON EXPRESS will begin. I even have a couple of friends to add. Hopefully, the first round will start next wk w/o any problems! I am always looking for new members so feel free to leave me a message @ JMCOUPONTRAIN@YMAIL.COM. Want to join  my group visit . I have added some links and messages on how to get free coupons, sites to be added to manufacter's mailing lists, a site for store policies for using online coupons & more. I plan to add more info as I find it. We don't have a ton of memebers yet, it's only been running for a few days. But I know within a few months there will be a full house. So go on and pass the word on about The Coupon Express! I also plan to create a group for my Recipe Train. If you are interested in joining my recipe train you may send me a message @ JONISRECIPETRAIN@YAHOO.COM .

I hope to add you soon :)


The Link To My Group Coupon Express Click Here To Join:

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