Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Recipe & Coupon Trains And How I Run Them!

I figured I would write a post to let those interested know what recipe & coupon trains are and how I run my trains :) I do my trains a little differently than most people. I give each rider a partner & they send them a envelope of recipes or coupons weekly. This way everyone receives a package every week (just contact me if you don't). To me this way is more fun & you get more coupons :) Usually Names & Addresses are listed on a roaster in the order the train will go. The conductor places a certain amount of coupons & the roaster in an envelope & mails it to Person 1. Person 1 then takes out all they like & replaces them w/ the same # they took out. Then mails it to person 2. This continues until the train reaches home, the riders also take out any expired coupons along the way. Problem is sometimes the trains does not make it back home. Getting coupons in the mail every week builds up your supply fast. The best part is you will get coupons you would have no knowledge of, due to the fact they never print in your area. That is really what interested me in trains the most. Different coupons print in different areas. But you do get a lot of the same ones you already have. Having multiple coupons are good for stockpiling & stacking! I assure you that all you need to get started is just 1 cooking magazine or 1 Sunday Paper worth of inserts!!! That is a Guarantee. After all you will be receiving a swap every week and the items you are not interested in you can use to send to your partner.


For the recipe train you will send 15 - 20 recipes to your partner weekly by snailmail. You may send more but please check to ensure correct postage. The recipes you send can be handwritten, printed, recipe cards, cutout doesn't matter as long as they are legible & of good quality. Please do not send torn or worn recipes. I receive plenty of cooking magazines. I have tons of recipes left over once I cut out the ones I want (just an idea). U can also pick up recipe cards and recipe booklets from supermarkets, or cut recipes out of newspapers & sales papers. Remember you can always pass on recipes that you are not interested in. Be sure to tape all four sides of your envelope with strong tape.



For the coupon train you will pick a minimum of 30 coupons you are willing to pass on to someone else - Sender’s choice. Although you may receive a wishlist with your partners info. it's just to help find coupons they are in search of. The coupons must be for brands that are available across the nation, not local things that won't work somewhere else. Printed coupons are ok as long as they are of good quality and does not make up the bulk of your swap. Internet coupons should be legible and say "Manufacturer Coupon." There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and a scannable bar code. Use more Manufacturer's coupons than printed!! Use coupons from the Sunday paper, magazines, blinkies, mailers, etc. These may be extras you have or the ones that you would usually throw away. Make sure that the coupons you send are not expired and the bar codes are in tact. Don't worry if you receive coupons that you can't use in your swap save them & pass them along to someone else. Be sure to tape all four sides of your envelope with strong tape.

TO JOIN SEND AN EMAIL TO: JMCOUPONTRAIN@YMAIL.COM type Recipe Train for the subject.


What I will need from you is your mailing address, email you would like to use, and if you have a Coupon Wishlist (items you buy on a regular basis or are in search of) & Recipe Wishlist (type of foods or recipes your in search of) you may include these wishlists also. They may help you receive more of the items that you want & need. I hope to add you to one (if not both) of my train(s)! If interested just send your info. to the appropriate email above :)

Hope to add you soon.......


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