Monday, July 23, 2012

No Dumpster Diving In My Area :(

Some may not understand or have time for this couponing thing but Coupon Diva says it best "You aint been broke enough"

I am totally sad, disappointed, let down, and just can't believe there is no way possible for me to get extra coupons in my area like everyone else can in theirs. I have called all of the surrounding recycling centers and I can't go dumpster diving :( This is my third attempt at couponing. It's very time consuming and very easy for you to get burned out. But, if you stick with it and find a system (way that works well for you) the outcome will be very rewarding!! You must be a very organized person and have the "know how skills"  in order to stick with it and be a successful couponer. I have always used coupons but not to this extent. During my first attempt, I had a lot going on with my health and in life over all. My second attempt, was during the time when I had my second set of surgeries and I seemed to just get burned out. However, during my second attempt I heard about dumpster diving. I called City Hall and spoke with our Town Manager. I was granted permission to go to the recycling center and pick up coupon inserts. I did go but there weren't any up to date coupons. I was even told they would start sending the cardboad and paper somewhere else. I  continued couponing for a while getting the bulk of my coupons from coupon trains through various trading groups. After, a while I gave up again. Now, I realized I just wasn't organized enough. I was saving money (not a lot), I had a binder (never bought the other supplies), and a steady supply of coupons coming in. I just felt it was too time consuming with every thing else I had going.

Sorry so fuzzy

I began school in January and needed a way to save money. So, I did what I knew best, COUPONING!! This time I know more because I have read various books, blogs, and watched thousands of Youtube videos. Most importantly, I know that Extreme Couponing is just a t.v. show and I understand why (read a few coupon policies). During my shopping trip last month, I saved a total of $146.09! What they say is true, I had the itch. I wanted to save more. I had already purchased all of the items to put my binder together just never did it,  because I wanted all the fancy sleeve sizes and all I had was the 9 pocket. After that shopping trip, they were good enough for me. So all I needed to do was fill them up.

The first place I called was the the Recycling Center here in town. They have already began sending the paper off some where else. Next, I called the center in Kingsland since I am there all the time and was told they use new bins that don't have the sliding doors, so I wouldn't be able to get in. The office workers in the Waycross, GA Recycling Center was very rude!! Yes, I may be asking to look through recycled paper for coupons but that doesn't give you the right to talk to me in a rude tone, none of the others did!!! I believe I will be calling back on Wednesday, one of the days she said the workers are on site, and talking to the town manager. When, I got permission from the town manager in my area he was very nice, polite and helpful. Next, I decided to go over to Florida as I am right on the state line. I skipped over Hilliard because there isn't a recycling center there. I called the center in Callahan and was told they don't allow dumpster diving because their bins are rusted, so people climbing or leaning over the openings are a liability. So my next step was to call the stores, that's another way the big timers talk about getting coupons. I called a few stores in my town and just as I suspected the delievery people take the inserts with them!! At this moment, I'm lost for ideas. I refuse to purchase 6 to 10 papers to get extra coupons. I don't need that many any way. I would however, like to start a nice stockpile. I currently purchase one Sunday paper at $2.00 if I get it here in Folkston or $1.50 if we get it in Hilliard. I don't get a Sunday paper each week, but I do purchase one the first Sunday of each month when they seem to have the most inserts. I always check the coupon preview for the current week for two reasons. 1) To see how many coupons I can use and 2) To check the number of inserts that will be in that weeks paper. Some weeks there want be inserts at all. If there are three inserts for a week thats other than the first weekend of a month, I will definitely purchase a Sunday paper. Another reason I check the coupon preview is because I keep a running Weekly Insert Wishlist and Coupon Wishlist to swap with other coupon swappers.  I list the week the paper was published and the name of the insert and then just copy and paste what ever I need from the list. Doing this makes it easy to swap coupons with others, I send them my list and they send me theirs. I also purchase two Waycross Journal-Heralds on Saturday's for .50 each. I have only been purchasing the Waycross paper for a month and each week it has had one redplum insert.

Because of the problems I encountered, I purchased a few sets of inserts from ebay. I also joined a few coupon groups on yahoo. I will keep you all updated and let you know how it works out. Until next time.....Thanks for listening to me vent and for reading :)


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