Monday, July 23, 2012

Ebay Love :)

Good Morning Everyone! I'm up early and extremely excited this morning :) I just checked on my 18 month subscription for All*You magazine I purchased on Ebay for only $7.50 (Great Lick)!! When my information popped up it showed I paid $20. I use a prepaid card for online purchases and only put $20 on the card. I also made three other transactions purchasing coupon inserts. A total of 15 to be exact :) Yep, I would say I was on a roll! I was given a code to activate my subscription which was done through a school fundraiser. I kind of felt bad, because the seller must have paid the remainder. But, hey I got my All*You subscription I have been wanting for so long. Although, I would have gotten my $25 back in one or two issues, that's the price for a regular subscription. I just didn't want to pay it lol! I also noticed that the subscriptions seem to have more coupons than the store bought magazines. I purchased the June issue and felt like it didn't have as many coupons in it as I was use to when I had a previous subscription. I don't know I maybe wrong it just seems that way. The page with all the coupons listed was not included inside of my June issue. But, I don't believe I had the same amount as the subscription magazine listed on the cover. I did however purchase the Summer special edition, that magazine alone made up for any and everything I was missing :)

Do any of you purchase or have a subscription to All*You? How long have you had it? What do you like best about it? Did you know their website offer free samples every day? They do visit All*You Daily Samples :) Do you coupon? Where do you get your coupons from? Leave me a comment below please. I would love to hear from a few followers.


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