Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Semester Over - Break Time

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Well, the dreaded first semester is over!!! I can say I did it! I stayed and completed the first of four semesters. Yep, it feels good to check this semester off my list :) This Spring semester was my hardest and it's finally over. I met some amazing people and truly learned a lot. I have created tons of lesson plans and I'm excited about putting them to use. I have a new outlook on young children because I have a better understanding about them. I think what I loved best about all of the classes was the fact they taught the development of children in a lot of different areas, why children react the way they do, the best ways to nurture a child, ways you could help change a child's feelings about themselves, and some great ways to help children learn certain subjects. I especially loved learning about genetics and biological features in my Child's Growth and Development class. I noticed there were more things that I"m interested in than I thought. I never really thought about genetics until it came up in our lessons. It"s a very interesting topic. I also found out that I have strong feelings toward literacy in young children. The thought has even crossed my mind about becoming a reading teacher. At the beginning of the semester my instructor stated that only a few of us would make it to the end of the semester. I thought to my self why would a teacher say a thing like that. Why? Because it was the truth!!

Almost every chair in my Creative Activities class was full. My last day in class there were only 8 of us. We all talked about how we couldn't believe everyone dropped the class or dropped all together. But, hey you never know something beyond their means could have forced them to withdraw. My Math and Science class was always small to start with. On the first day there were 6 of us, on the last day of class there was only 5. A classmate of mine stated in one of her online class there was a crowd in the discussion forums at the beginning of the semester. Later there was only two, but after week 5 she was the only one in the forums. I told her I was very proud of her for continuing her lessons. She could have quit because no one was there with her or the teacher could have dropped the class for lack of students. Like I said in my last post we have some wonderful instructors watching over us. They really want us to make it! Things like this motivates me even more to complete my program.  I took my last final exam yesterday. My final grades are not in right now. Last glance I took, I still had two B's and two A's. Whatever, my final grades are I will be totally proud of them as well as myself because I stood through the trails of going back to college. I would like to say that all of my hardship is over. I'm only going to plan for success, hope for the best, and deal with the worst if it tries to visit me!
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Summer semester begins May 21, 2012 and I'm so excited. I will be at school until 6:00 pm. Yes, I have some very long days ahead of me!! The great part is I only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can do my homework during my three hour break, blog, write letters, do coupon stuff, whatever my heart chooses. I know I will definitely put more effort into doing my work as soon as I can. I really got burned out quick during the past semester and pushed my work off to the last minute. There were times when I didn't even want to look at the computer. I realize now that if I get all of my work out of the way I can really get some rest. Next semester I am aiming to have all A's!! But, until Summer semester begins I'M FREE and I'm going to get me some well deserved rest :)

 Through out the semester I completed some assignments that made me define why I choose this career field and made me relive fond childhood memories. I will be posting a few of those assignments I feel they are worth sharing. They may also give you a better feel of the type of person I am as well. Well, until next time..........

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  1. Hey Bella! This is really exciting! Congratulations!! I would love to hear more about your adventures in education. Some of my friends are teachers & like you they love kids. :) I am so happy for you & proud of you for taking a big risk. NOTHING is impossible for (read With!) God.