Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Baby-sitter's Club by Ann M. Martin

This week, I checked out one of the infamous Baby-sitter's Club movies from my local library. It brought back so many wonderful memories of reading the books when I was younger. Hence, I have added another item to my Bucket list and my DayZero account. Yep, you guessed it! I'm going to read the entire collection all over again and blog about each book. My first step was to check to see what information I could find on the net. Oh my was there a lot!!!

The Baby-sitter's Club has their own page within Scholastic :) This made my job super easy!! My second step was to find a list of all of the books in the series. Not, only did I find a list but it was printable. A printable list will make this process so much easier. The list is five pages long!! Why? because there were multiple series, I'm not sure if I ever read any of the others or not. A few of the titles sounded familiar. I'm not sure if I will read anything other than the original series. The other series of the Baby-sitter's Club are: The Baby-sitter's Club Super Specials (12), Baby- sitter's Club Friends Forever (12), Baby-sitter's Club Friends Forever Super Specials (2), The Baby-sitter's Club Mysteries (36), The Baby-sitter's Club Mysteries Super (4), Baby-sitter's Little Sister (76), Baby-sitter's Little Sister Specials (6), as well as seven other don't miss titles. Just incase you haven't guessed and are wondering what the numbers are beside the series title, it's the number of books in that series.

Old vs. New
As, stated I'm not sure if I will read all of the other series or not. My goal is to read all 131 books in the initial Baby-sitter's Club series. I have placed a hold on the very first book in the series: "Kristy's Great Idea". My local library has it and it's available, so my book will be waiting for me Tuesday when I get there :) I think I will get the prequel - wait is that what you just read? Yes, there's a newer version of the old classics that now include technology, new up to date wording - no more thong but flip flops instead, the book characters have cell phones, and no more walkmans. These new books made their entrance back in April of 2010. To finish what I was stating I want to read the prequel version to see how much has changed in the books. Maybe I could post about the differences in the two books. The "NEW" Baby-sitter's Club has a totally different website from the original. I decided to print a book list from the new series as well.

First Book In New Collection



  1. omg, you took me back! I loved reading these books too. Which reminds me, I should introduce them to my oldest Daughter, I'm sure she'd enjoy them. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I'll be following your blog. ;)


  2. Thanks so much :) I hope she loved them as much as I did!