Saturday, March 26, 2016

Salute To The Zumba Nation

Going through my drafts I found this post I created in 2013

This may sound crazy then again some of you may be able to relate. Last week, I went to the gym after dropping my son at AWANA. I decided I would try Zumba Gold for the first time. I tried to do the regular Zumba class before, but had trouble with my feet and knees. I was told to try Zumba Gold because it was for people with injuries and/or older people so it would be better for me. I only did 30 minutes of the Zumba class because I wanted to get some strength training in before picking my son up. I loved the class! It was so fun. It didn't matter that I got some of the moves wrong because others did as well. We all laughed about it and just kept moving. I mean that's the whole point to keep the heart rate up isn't it? After 30 minutes of class, I headed out and did 30 minutes of strength training. I thought everything was ok. I got my son off to bed. Then, I felt as if I couldn't stay up long enough to log my exercises in to MFP. I applaud you all for being able to do Zumba and stay awake and function afterwards lol! You, You Guys Rock!!! I'll be there soon because I will defininately be taking another Zumba Gold class :)

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