Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coupons In The Mail

So, I'm on the journey to fill my coupon binder with as many usable coupons as possible. Not the Extreme Couponing way, you know 40 - 100+ of the same coupons all with the identical expiration date. Now, don't get me wrong having multiple coupons for one item is not a bad thing! I just coupon on a smaller scale and in a way that is comfortable for me. I would like to one day build a decent sized stockpile that would be useful for my family, the realistic way. Check your store coupon policies!!

Getting back to the reason for this post, coupons in the mail. There are many sources out there for receiving coupons besides the Sunday paper. I have come to realize that many internet printed coupons are of higher value than those found in the Sunday paper. Various magazines also include high value coupons. The magazines that I will link in this post are only the ones I receive or have received in the past. I'm only listing those I have knowledge of. Believe me there are plenty more magazines out there of which include coupons. Please, if you know of any I may have missed feel free to include the names and or links in the comment section.

As, I mention above printable coupons often have a higher value than those in the Sunday paper. Maybe not always but most of the time! I really wish I would have gained the knowledge that printable coupons can be mailed to you a few months back. Smh, I must say I used most of my ink printing coupons than school related materials.  I recently found out that coupons can be mailed to your home. Not, all coupons can be mailed to you. However, I suggest you try before printing each coupon unless you need it asap. Don't know what to do to get your coupons printed? Don't fret, I gotcha back ;) Proceed as if you are about to print the coupon (clicking the print your coupon or get my coupon button), when you get to the pop up screen that reads "Your coupons are waiting!", stroll down to the bottom of the page, click help on the right bottom corner, a mailer form should pop up allowing you to enter your name and mailing address. If the form does not pop up, you may see a strip on the bottom that states "Mail my coupon", if so click on the bottom in the right corner that reads "Click here". After clicking the button the mailer form should pop up.

Below is a current list of home mailers, printable coupons that can be mailed to you, clubs to join that send out coupons, and magazines that include coupons. I signed up for each before creating the link.


Johnson's Baby Oil Coupon - $1 off

Coffee-Mate - place your vote telling who needs a taste lift the most and get a $1/2. If you share 5 times you can up your coupon to $1.50/2!!

Purina Dog/Cat Treats

Ball Park Flamed Grilled Burgers - These are so yummy, coupon is $2/1!

YoCrunch Yogurt and Motts Applesauce - $1/1

Carefree Pantiliner - Click on special offers, enter your name & email addy, hit submit, and print screen pops up.

Pro Plan® Wet Entrees - Buy 2 Get 2 FREE - Technically a coupon for 4 FREE cans of cat food

FREE Nestle Fun Size Bag WYB 4 Tombstone Pizza’s

Fresh Pomegranates - stroll to the bottom of the page, coupon is for .50 off 

Jet-Puffed Marshmallows - .25 off any - coupon seems to print, then a picture will pop up, at the bottom of the screen will be the help button.

Pup-Peroni - $1/1

Carmex - $1/1

Listerine - $1/1

Bear Naked - $1/1

ChapStick Sports Ready - .55/1

Trident - $1/3

Lighthouse Foods - .55/1

Cesar Canine Cuisine - BOGO & 1 FREE wyb 3

Uncle Ben's Rice - $1/3

STP - $1/1

Children's Advil - $1.50/1

Burt Bee's Gud - $1/1

Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough - $1.25/2

Lactaid or Tucks item

Downy Wrinkle Releaser - $1/1

Eckrich - .55/1 (1lb pkg)

Morton Salt - .50/1

Mucinex - $1/1

Visine coupons: w/ hydroblend - $3/1, any Visine $1/1, Visine - A $2/1

Clean & Clear - $1/1

Purina® Friskies® Plus - BOGO FREE

Alpo - $1/8

So Delicious Dairy Products

Garnier Moisturizer

Peace Cereal


Scharffen Chocolate

Sally Hansen's Hair Remover

Rudi's Organic Bread

RevitaLens Contact Solution

Skinny Cow - $1/1

Centrum Flavor Burst - $2/1

Home Mailers that contain coupons:

Publix Baby Club - Send coupons for FREE items. Must be a resident of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee to join.

 Home Made Simple Mailer

P & G Mailer - You get to choose coupons that your interested in to be mailed with your sampler box. P&G sample boxes and coupons are offered on a quarterly basis. The ordering periods are  January 1 - March 31, April 1 - June 30, July 1 - September 30, and October 1 - December 31.

Magazines that contains coupons: This one is hard. There are lots of FREE booklets and magazines that you can pick up in the store. I will list those as well.

Publix FamilyStyle Magazine - Sign up on the Publix website and this magazine will be mailed to you.

Diabetes and You - FREE publication that can be picked up in Walgreens Pharmacy section. There aren't many coupons in this publication. However, the ones that are included usually make items FREE or close to it.

Diabetes booklet in the pharmacy section of Rite Aid.

Publix and Walgreens both have coupon booklets located in the front of the store.

If there is a Harvey's in your area make sure you are signed up to receive their key mail. I called just yesterday to find out how often their coupon booklets are mailed out. Random rewards key holders receive a coupon booklet one a year. You can also scan your rewards key at the kiosk inside the store. You will use various coupons to use during your shopping trip that day as well as a few post dated manufacturer coupons.

There are some magazine that include coupons but are not FREE. If you sign up for freebies and samples you probably have came across FREE magazine subscriptions, a few contain coupons.

All You - This magazines contains coupons and coupon codes. I received a wonderful deal from Ebay. I got a 15 or 18 issue subscription for only $7.50.

Family Fun - This magazine contains coupons, crafts, recipes and great articles on family living. It's wonderful if you have small children or work with them.

I hope this post has helped you begin to fill your coupon binders, boxes, envelopes, and most importantly your mailboxes with coupons. There are other magazines that contain coupons but this post is long over due! Stay tuned I will be doing updates with more information and links as I have time and find them.

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