Friday, July 23, 2010


I recently participated in a swap on Swap-bot called July Birthday wishes email swap. I thought it would be nice to share this little tidbit w/ my blog readers about me and my childhood as well. So to keep the wishes going I would like to wish all of you out there in the blogging world a HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU depending on when your birthday was.

My birthday was July 4th. CANCERS ROCK!!! I spent it in Jacksonville, FL with friends and family as usual :) We went to a friends cookout and had great food, great drinks, the kids played and we saw some fireworks!!

As a kid I use to hate the fact that my birthday was on a holiday. But as my parents figured out how to work it into a schedule it turned out to be great!! We (my cousins and I) would always spend the night with my Grandmother so we could go to the carnival. We would wake up early and leave without eating breakfast. We would spend most of the day at the carnival until it was time to go eat dinner. It's not like we had not filled up on sweets :) We also played games, the one I hated & was the worst that SHOULD have taught us all a life lesson was the JAIL GAME!! The fake police people would actually chase you! You would pay any amount from $.25 up to $3.00 to have someone put in a cage (the jail) and they had to stay there until they basically begged people walking by to pay their way (bail) out if they didn't have money. The bail was double the amount of what was paid to put them in there. People could donate until enough bail was collected. They only could hold you for an hour. I remember one year after I spent all of my money, my cousins got together and paid the full $3.00. I had to sit for the whole hour!! I begged my Grandma and Parents not to give them any cake but they didn't listen :( However they did get fussed at for leaving me in there :) We always waited about an hour before the fireworks displayed before having cake and opening my gifts. We never went back to the rec center to watch the display we could see it from my Grandmother's yard. We would sit there in our lawn chairs too full to move most of the time. Once the display was over at the recreation center, we would start lighting our own fireworks.

We no longer go to the rec center anymore because it was changed into a YMCA a few years back. But I still go watch a firework display somewhere every year. My son loves them :) Maybe we can get a yearly tradition of some kind going again.

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  1. I loved reading about your July 4th celebrations and think watching fireworks every year should become a tradition. Visiting for Swap-bot. BeverlyBling

  2. What a fun tradition! I wish my birthday memories were as, well, memorable! I am a Cancer, too, though - 7/10!

  3. I'm a July baby too but I was not in that swap on swap-bot. I did do the bday card one there though, it was fun.
    It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday so congrats on that!

    LuckyXIII from swap-bot

  4. I'm loving the music on your sidebar. Very cool.

  5. Hi, you have a really nice blog. This swap was a fantastic idea thank you for hosting it.


  6. Wow, lovely birthday sister birthday is on a Holiday Christmas to say she will have memorable birthday too...TFS! :D

    Stacy (luvystacy from Swap-Bot) Blog Me, Baby! Swap